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Relocating to Thailand? Real Estate Moving Guide

It is time to relocate to Thailand for a new life, new adventure, job or time to retire and find your dream home! Whether you are relocating for family purposes, business, education or retirement, it is highly important that you choose the right international moving specialist company to ensure that your relocating processes run efficiently and effectively from the origin to destination. The process of relocating or moving internationally can be daunting for a number of reasons. The thought of going through organising, packing, moving, having to face customs officers and regulations, language barriers, security issues and more can be a lot to handle by yourself. This is why for every move, we recommend using a specialist relocating company. Although it may seem like a more upfront cost, however, overall will save you time, money and stress.

5 Pre-Moving Steps

Step 1:

Find a trustworthy company in order to move your belongings, get a few quotes, look at different websites and offerings, ask about experience, and who they use to handle to move at both the start and destination, as these can be two different companies.

Step 2:

Once chosen, you must set out your priorities and concerns to the moving company – For example, you can request an onsite assessment where the moving company comes round to observe your home, checks what needs to be moved, what requires extra protection, answer your concerns, guide you through the relocation process, give you a detailed plan and offer important suggestions regarding your specific relocation.

Step 3:

Plan and create a customised schedule (Date and time) for the packing and removal of your goods. You can also target a delivery timeline at your destination, or you can request storage, if necessary.

Step 4:

Choose a protection option that is best suited for your needs – This is for you to rest easy while ensuring that your personal valued belongings will be in full protection till it reaches its destination.

Step 5:

Choose your shipping options wisely. These options vary in terms of speed, costs, and volume of the shipment. Here are the main examples:


  • The most cost-effective option
  • Suitable for larger volume shipments
  • Greater reach into all parts of the world AIR FREIGHT
  • More costly than Sea freight
  • Suitable for smaller of urgent shipments
  • Typically used in conjunction with sea and road shipments to receive essential items first


  • A viable option for crossing borders
  • Available for certain circumstances, usually used for completing shipping at destination

Moving Day Plan

Once you have planned, scheduled and chosen your method of shipment, here comes the moving day. For a number of people, moving days can be seen as hectic and stressful and therefore having the right moving team is crucial and can reduce a lot of your burden.

What you should expect from your chosen moving company on moving day:

  • To be professional by arriving on schedule
  • Accurately itemise the items to be packed, stored or disposed of from your home
  • A complete pre-packing damage inspection should be conducted and recorded on all items
  • Ensure that your current property is fully protected from any damages during packing and moving of items, including floors and walls
  • For your convenience, every carton should be sealed and labeled with a brief description for ease of unpacking purposes
  • A numbered inventory list should be prepared along with a high – tech secured tracking system that allows you to track your shipment at every stage until it reaches the destination


  1. It is recommended that you carry with you any items of importance, sentimental or financial value.
  2. There are certain restrictions on transportation and storage in Thailand. Getting caught carrying restricted items could lead to severe costs and penalties. Restricted items include:
    • Explosives
    • Flammables
    • Corrosives
    • Compressed gasses
    • Firearms
    • Perishables – Food, plants, and medicines
    • Buddha images, artifact/objects and antiques (Require approval from the Fine Arts Department of Thailand)
    • Cigarettes, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages

During Transit

Top tips to ensure your shipment arrives smoothly and on schedule:

  • Keep in contact with the moving coordinator to make sure you are updated constantly during every stage of the shipment
  • Customs check may require time and varies depending on countries – It is recommended for you to provide and assist with any necessary documentation needed to ensure that your shipment goes through customs smoothly

Delivery Day

Finally, the time has come! You are only a step away from completing your new home. Here are things you should expect from your moving company on delivery day:

  • To avoid any mistakes – Make sure you are in contact with the import coordinator from your moving company to confirm the exact time and location of delivery.
  • It is crucial for the delivery team to protect your property prior to unloading and unpacking any items.
  • Finally, it is your responsibility to make sure that all items are crosschecked against the packing inventory before signing off any completion form of delivery.

Conclusion from Property Co.

At Property Co, we as a Real Estate firm in Thailand understand the burden and difficulties of relocating internationally. For this, we recommend “Allied Pickfords” as our preferred partner. Why Allied Pickfords? For us it was a simple choice, they are one of the most recognised and respected international moving companies in the world. Our clients move to Thailand or out of Thailand to a wide range of locations. For this, we needed someone with the right network to handle clients at both the start destination and end destination.

About Allied Pickfords:

  • Achieved more than 50,000 moves annually
  • No hidden costs
  • Global Presence, over 600 locations in 45 countries
  • Highly trained, experienced and professional staff
  • Full turnkey service
  • Handle small to large scale moves
  • Good customs connections to reduce any issues
  • High-tech security measures and use of reliable shipping carriers
  • Globalcom online tracking system
  • Pet Relocation services available
  • Vehicle Relocation Services available
  • Guaranteed competitive prices!

If you are planning to relocate or find a new home for yourself or family in Thailand, our specialised agents at Property Co. can assist you i finding the right property. Whether you need a place closer to work, schools, transport or finding a dream retirement home closer to the beach, Property Co. can guarantee to find the right location and make sure all the paperwork is completed for you to be ready for your shipment. You can trust us with your new home!


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